November 17, 2016

ÚNIC- Makers Showroom


ÚNIC is a Makers Showroom highlighting pieces made by artisan, artist and local or sustainable products.

A initiative by OPENstudio79 and Akaknits to get to know closer the work of these people, promoting a dignified pay to the creator and a responsible consumption.

Creadores / Makers:
Akaknits, OPENstudio79, Suite 13, EMEA, Maravillas Bags, Mandy Moon, Luís Vidal, amadeo orellana, Reclaim, Liebe, Elisabeth Salcedo, Comesaroundgoesaround, Re Hecho, Mariana Murabito, Barbara Juan Pastor,, Rosa Caterina Bosch Tinctorum, ES BOLIC. Mallorca Home & Living. Concept Store Online , Claudia Liedtke Schmuckdesign, Valeria Castellet, Anna Skantz

Live painting: EMEA