Established in 2013, Aka is the result of the collaboration between mother and
daughter Annika and Amanda Nyberg to create handmade cashmere clothing
and accessories. Working from their studio in Palma de Mallorca, the island
bound Swedish duo designs and produce Aka´s collections locally, using only
high quality cashmere yarns, which they import from Scotland´s leading produ-
cer. Long time knitwear crafts woman Annika has lived in Mallorca since late
-70s and has been working with textiles her whole life. This passion for knitting
was brought to another level when co-founder and fashion designer Amanda
that after finishing her Fashion degree at Middlesex University, London, con-
veyed her vision to create a fresh, modern-day twist on the timeless art of
knitwear. The outcome, aka, is the combination of Annika’s long-running exp-
erience with the youthful and playful conception of Amanda’s designs.